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Incorporating uncertainties in current city or territory energy planning studies, major requirements
Integrated energy planning in cities and territories: A review of methods and tools
Automatic extraction of a contradiction genealogic tree from optimization with an object-oriented simulator
Modelling and uncertainties in integrated energy planning
Application of Logistic Growth Curve
A methodology in innovative support of the integrated energy planning preparation and orientation phase
Optimization Methods for Inventive Design
Different ways to identify generalized system of contradictions, A strategic meaning
Sequential experimentation to perform the Analysis of Initial Situation
Resolution of inventive problems: different kind of mechanisms
Automated Invention for Smart Industries : 18th International TRIZ Future Conference, TFC 2018, Strasbourg, France, October 29–31, 2018, Proceedings
An exact algorithm to extract the generalized physical contradiction
Algorithm for identifying generalized technical contradictions in experiments
Comparing the strategies and outputs of designers using Algorithm of Inventive Problem Solving, Axiomatic Design, or Environment-Based Design
A global approach to manage the performance of the problem solving process in innovative design

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