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Study on Ligning Glyoxal Reaction by MALDI-TOF and CP-MAS 13C-NMR
Characterization of two maritime pine tannins as wood adhesives
Insights on the synthesis mechanism of green phenolic resin derived porous carbons via a salt-soft templating approach
Mimosa tannin resins for impregnated paper overlays
"Light-assisted evaporation induced self-assembly": an efficient approach toward ordered carbon materials
Direct synthesis of graphitic mesoporous carbon from green phenolic resins exposed to subsequent UV and IR laser irradiations
Evaluation of Hydroxyl Terminated Polybutadiene-Isophorone Diisocyanate Gel Formation During Crosslinking Process
Facile and sustainable synthesis of nitrogen-doped polymer and carbon porous spheres
High surface - Highly N-doped carbons from hydrothermally treated tannin

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