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Fold change rank ordering statistics: a new method for detecting differentially expressed genes
A python module to normalize microarray data by the quantile adjustment method
TAF15 is important for cellular proliferation and regulates the expression of a subset of cell cycle genes through miRNAs
Problématique de la prise en charge de l'infarctus du myocarde a L'Hôpital Desegou (Mali)
Transcriptomic analysis of murine embryos lacking endogenous retinoic acid signaling
B cell signature during inactive systemic lupus is heterogeneous: toward a biological dissection of lupus
beta-Catenin activation synergizes with Pten loss and Myc overexpression in Notch-independent T-ALL
Protracted abstinence from distinct drugs of abuse shows regulation of a common gene network
The App-Runx1 region is critical for birth defects and electrocardiographic dysfunctions observed in a Down syndrome mouse model
Mof-associated complexes have overlapping and unique roles in regulating pluripotency in embryonic stem cells and during differentiation
Genetic diversity, structure, gene flow and evolutionary relationships within the Sorghum bicolor wild-weedy-crop complex in a western African region
Deletion of the App-Runx1 region in mice models human partial monosomy 21
Circulating Human Eosinophils Share a Similar Transcriptional Profile in Asthma and Other Hypereosinophilic Disorders

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