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Photoemission study of copper phthalocyanine growth on hydrogen-terminated surface: Si(100)2 x 1-H
Hydrolysis and grafting of dimethylalkoxysilanes onto stainless steel
Account of the diversity of tunneling spectra at the germanene/Al(1 1 1) interface
Influence of annealing process and its associated atomic migrations on the Si/LaAlO3(001) nanostructure nucleation
Continuous Germanene Layer on Al(111)
Si and Ge nanostructures epitaxy on a crystalline insulating LaAlO3(001) substrate
Strain relief: Mainspring of Ge semiconducting nanostructures growth on LaAlO3(001)
Controlling shape and spatial organization of silver crystals by site-selective chemical growth method for improving surface enhanced Raman scattering activity
Epitaxy of Si nanocrystals by molecular beam epitaxy on a crystalline insulator LaAlO3(001)
Epitaxial growth of Fe islands on LaAlO3 (001) substrates
Tip-Induced Switch of Germanene Atomic Structure
Control of Spatial Organization of Gold Nanoparticles Using Cylindrical Nanopores of Block Copolymers Films
Germanene on Al(111): Interface Electronic States and Charge Transfer
Grafting process of ethyltrimethoxysilane and polyphosphoric acid on calcium carbonate surface
Experimental molecular adsorption: electronic buffer effect of germanene on Al(1 1 1)

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