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Protein production platform of the School of Biotechnology of Strasbourg (IREBS): a new tool for membrane protein studies
Killing of cancer cells with monoclonal antibodies selected against proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA)
IMPReSs : the protein production platform of the School of Biotechnology of Strasbourg
Affinity maturation of scFv fragment antibodies by mutagenesis inspiredfrom somatic hypermutation
Multimerisation  of proteins onto anionic polymer using non-covalent association mode facilitates formation of efficient cytosolic delivery nanosystems
Targeting endogenous nuclear antigens by electrotransfer of monoclonal antibodies in living cells
The use of fluorescent intrabodies to detect endogenous gankyrin in living cancer cells
Intracellular delivery of functionally active proteins using self-assembling pyridylthiourea-polyethylenimine
Single-chain Fv fragment antibodies selected from an intrabody library as effective mono- or bivalent reagents for in vitro protein detection
Restricted diversity of antigen binding residues of antibodies revealed by computational alanine scanning of 227 antibody-antigen complexes
Protein Delivery System Containing a Nickel-Immobilized Polymer for Multimerization of Affinity-Purified His-Tagged Proteins Enhances Cytosolic Transfer

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