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Protein production platform of the School of Biotechnology of Strasbourg (IREBS): a new tool for membrane protein studies
Killing of cancer cells with monoclonal antibodies selected against proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA)
IMPReSs : the protein production platform of the School of Biotechnology of Strasbourg
Affinity maturation of scFv fragment antibodies by mutagenesis inspiredfrom somatic hypermutation
Multimerisation  of proteins onto anionic polymer using non-covalent association mode facilitates formation of efficient cytosolic delivery nanosystems
Restricted diversity of antigen binding residues of antibodies revealed by computational alanine scanning of 227 antibody-antigen complexes
Single-chain Fv fragment antibodies selected from an intrabody library as effective mono- or bivalent reagents for in vitro protein detection
The use of fluorescent intrabodies to detect endogenous gankyrin in living cancer cells
Intracellular delivery of functionally active proteins using self-assembling pyridylthiourea-polyethylenimine
Targeting endogenous nuclear antigens by electrotransfer of monoclonal antibodies in living cells
Protein Delivery System Containing a Nickel-Immobilized Polymer for Multimerization of Affinity-Purified His-Tagged Proteins Enhances Cytosolic Transfer

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