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Allocentric but not egocentric orientation is impaired during normal aging: an ERP study
Age-related decline in thermal adaptation capacities: an evoked potentials study
Age-related decrease in sensitivity to electrical stimulation is unrelated to skin conductance: an evoked potentials study
Differences in age-related effects on myelinated and unmyelinated peripheral fibres: a sensitivity and evoked potentials study
Age-Related Decline in Cognitive Pain Modulation Induced by Distraction: Evidence From Event-Related Potentials
Sustained attention in the elderly: what do we know and what does it tell us about cognitive aging?
Different patterns of fronto-parietal coherence mediate successful navigation in young and elderly individuals: An EEG study
Electrophysiological evidence of age-related inter-hemispheric changes during episodic encoding processes
Episodic memory in normal aging and Alzheimer disease: Insights from imaging and behavioral studies
Decreased theta power at encoding and cognitive mapping deficits in elderly individuals during a spatial memory task
Appropriate encoding strategies compensate for driving abilities in elderly individuals: a virtual reality study
Caudate nucleus and social cognition: neuropsychological and SPECT evidence from a patient with focal caudate lesion
Differential processing of hierarchical visual stimuli in young and older healthy adults: An event-related potentials (ERP) study
The association between inhibition and pain tolerance in the elderly: evidence from event-related potentials
Impaired emotional autobiographical memory associated with right amygdalar-hippocampal atrophy in Alzheimer's disease patients
Detecting spatial memory deficits beyond blindness in tg2576 Alzheimer mice

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