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Surface-enhanced resonance Raman spectroscopy of heme proteins on a gold grid electrode
Ground state chemistry under vibrational strong coupling: dependence of thermodynamic parameters on the Rabi splitting energy
Non-Radiative Energy Transfer Mediated by Hybrid Light-Matter States
High Contrast, Femtosecond Light Polarization Manipulation in Epsilon-near-Zero Material Coupled to a Plasmonic Nanoantenna Array
Large Enhancement of Ferromagnetism under a Collective Strong Coupling of YBCO Nanoparticles
Exploring Superconductivity under Strong Coupling with the Vacuum Electromagnetic Field
Tilting a ground-state reactivity landscape by vibrational strong coupling
Correction to Vibro-Polaritonic IR Emission in the Strong Coupling Regime
Modification of Enzyme Activity by Vibrational Strong Coupling of Water
Ground-State Chemical Reactivity under Vibrational Coupling to the Vacuum Electromagnetic Field
Supramolecular Assembly of Conjugated Polymers under Vibrational Strong Coupling

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