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Identification of a thermally activated process in the Cy3 photobleaching mechanism
Role of the nucleocapsid region in HIV-1 Gag assembly as investigated by quantitative fluorescence-based microscopy
The HIV-1 Nucleocapsid Protein Recruits Negatively Charged Lipids To Ensure Its Optimal Binding to Lipid Membranes
Collective fluorescence switching of counterion-assembled dyes in polymer nanoparticles
Characterization of the mechanisms of HIV-1 Vpr(52-96) internalization in cells
The use of fluorescent intrabodies to detect endogenous gankyrin in living cancer cells
Protein‐Sized Dye‐Loaded Polymer Nanoparticles for Free Particle Diffusion in Cytosol
Functionalization of nano-emulsions with an amino-silica shell at the oil-water interface
Structural and functional role of INI1 and LEDGF in the HIV-1 preintegration complex

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