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Efficient and Complementary Methods Offering Access to Synthetically Valuable 1,2-Dibromobenzenes
A C-13 NMR Study of pyridinium phenoxide series with increasing sterical hindrance reveals the dramatic influence of torsion on their structure
Aryne-mediated fluorination: Synthesis of fluorinated biaryls via a sequential desilylation-halide elimination-fluoride addition process
Conformational analysis of some pyridinium phenolates and synthetic precursors based on X-ray and IR characterisations
Regioselectivity in the Aryne Cross-Coupling of Aryllithiums with Functionalized 1,2-Dibromobenzenes
Stereoselective Synthesis of P-Chirogenic Dibenzophosphole-Boranes via Aryne Intermediates
Negative solvatochromism of a series of pyridinium phenolate betaine dyes with increasing steric hindrance
Stereoselective synthesis of o-bromo (or iodo)aryl P-chirogenic phosphines based on aryne chemistry
Excited-state dynamics of phenol-pyridinium biaryl

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