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Cyclosporine before PCI in Acute Myocardial Infarction.
Precision real-time evaluation of bowel perfusion: accuracy of confocal endomicroscopy assessment of stoma in a controlled hemorrhagic shock model.
Metabolism-Guided Bowel Resection: Potential Role and Accuracy of Instant Capillary Lactates to Identify the Optimal Resection Site
Methylene blue protects liver oxidative capacity after gut ischaemia-reperfusion in the rat.
Cold ischemia with selective anterograde in situ pulmonary perfusion preserves gas exchange and mitochondrial homeostasis and curbs inflammation in an experimental model of donation after cardiac death
Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain Uncoupling, Oxidative Stress and Skeletal Muscle Energetics
Local but not systemic capillary lactate is a reperfusion biomarker in experimental acute limb ischaemia.
Involvement of inflammation on skeletal muscle ischemia-reperfusion deleterious effects
Skeletal muscle ischemia-reperfusion injury and cyclosporine A in the aging rat.

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