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Central versus peripheral control of cardiac output in humans: insight from atrial pacing.
Intramuscular pressure before and after botulinum toxin in chronic exertional compartment syndrome of the leg: a preliminary study.
Botulinum toxin as a treatment for functional popliteal artery entrapment syndrome.
Metabolic Exploration of Muscle Biopsy
High-Force Versus Low-Force Lumbar Traction in Acute Lumbar Sciatica Due to Disc Herniation: A Preliminary Randomized Trial.
Eccentric exercise training: modalities, applications and perspectives.
Atorvastatin treatment reduces exercise capacities in rats: involvement of mitochondrial impairments and oxidative stress.
Microbiopsies versus Bergström needle for skeletal muscle sampling: impact on maximal mitochondrial respiration rate.
Different timing of changes in mitochondrial functions following endurance training.
Use of botulinum toxin type A in symptomatic accessory soleus muscle: first five cases.
Oxidative capacities of cardiac and skeletal muscles of heart transplant recipients: mitochondrial effects of cyclosporin-A and its vehicle Cremophor-EL.
Effect of eccentric versus concentric exercise training on mitochondrial function.
Mitochondria of trained skeletal muscle are protected from deleterious effects of statins.
Impairment of maximal aerobic power with moderate hypoxia in endurance athletes: do skeletal muscle mitochondria play a role?
Mitochondrial function following downhill and/or uphill exercise training in rats

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