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Graphene via Molecule-Assisted Ultrasound-Induced Liquid-Phase Exfoliation: A Supramolecular Approach
Thermal insulation with 2D materials: liquid phase exfoliated vermiculite functional nanosheets
Controlled functionalization of carbon nanodots for targeted intracellular production of reactive oxygen species
MoS2 nanosheets via electrochemical lithium-ion intercalation under ambient conditions
Boosting and Balancing Electron and Hole Mobility in Single- and Bilayer WSe2 Devices via Tailored Molecular Functionalization
Hybrid Copper-Nanowire–Reduced-Graphene-Oxide Coatings: A “Green Solution” Toward Highly Transparent, Highly Conductive, and Flexible Electrodes for (Opto)Electronics
Persian waxing of graphite: towards green large-scale production of graphene
Water-Dispersed High-Quality Graphene: A Green Solution for Efficient Energy Storage Applications
Graphene exfoliation in the presence of semiconducting polymers for improved film homogeneity and electrical performances
Morphology and Electronic Properties of Electrochemically Exfoliated Graphene
Oxidant-dependent antioxidant activity of polydopamine films: The chemistry-morphology interplay
Liquid‐Gated Transistors Based on Reduced Graphene Oxide for Flexible and Wearable Electronics

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