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Differential targeting of VDAC3 mRNA isoforms influences mitochondria morphology
Crosstalk between PTGS and TGS pathways in natural antiviral immunity and disease recovery
Functionalized Tobacco Mosaic Virus Coat Protein Monomers and Oligomers as Nanocarriers for Anti-Cancer Peptides
Formation of large viroplasms and virulence of Cauliflower mosaic virus in turnip plants depend on the N-terminal EKI sequence of viral protein TAV
Use of electron microscopy to study megakaryocytes
In situ localization of micropollutants and associated stress response in Populus nigra leaves
Comparison of biofilm formation and motility processes in arsenic-resistant Thiomonas spp. strains revealed divergent response to arsenite
Virus preparations from the mixed-infected P70 Pinot Noir accession exhibit GLRaV-1/GVA ‘end-to-end’ particles
Efficient Replication of the Plastid Genome Requires an Organellar Thymidine Kinase

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