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Hepatitis C virus co-opts innate immunity component for lipid droplet formation
Modeling the antiviral activity of ribavirin against hepatitis C virus in cell culture
Hepatitis C virus entry
New tool for the study of hepatitis C virus genotype 3 and its associated liver disease biology
Interferon-lambda polymorphisms and hepatitis C virus clearance revisited
Unraveling hepatitis C virus structure
Cholesterol uptake and hepatitis C virus entry
Syndecan 4 is involved in mediating HCV entry through interaction with lipoviral particle-associated apolipoprotein E
Entry of hepatitis B and C viruses - recent progress and future impact
Hepatitis C virus vaccines--progress and perspectives
Reconstitution of the entire hepatitis C virus life cycle in non-hepatic cells.
Apolipoprotein E Mediates Evasion From Hepatitis C Virus Neutralizing Antibodies

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