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Entry inhibitors and future treatment of hepatitis C
Host-targeting agents for prevention and treatment of chronic hepatitis C - perspectives and challenges
Hepatitis C virus entry into hepatocytes: molecular mechanisms and targets for antiviral therapies
Hepatitis C virus vaccines--progress and perspectives
A novel monoclonal anti-CD81 antibody produced by genetic immunization efficiently inhibits Hepatitis C virus cell-cell transmission
Genotype 1 hepatitis C virus envelope features that determine antiviral response assessed through optimal covariance networks
Synergy of entry inhibitors with direct-acting antivirals uncovers novel combinations for prevention and treatment of hepatitis C
Hepatitis C virus cell-cell transmission and resistance to direct-acting antiviral agents
The postbinding activity of scavenger receptor class B type I mediates initiation of hepatitis C virus infection and viral dissemination
Exosome-mediated transmission of hepatitis C virus between human hepatoma Huh7.5 cells
PI4K-beta and MKNK1 are regulators of hepatitis C virus IRES-dependent translation
Hepatitis C virus envelope glycoprotein signatures are associated with treatment failure and modulation of viral entry and neutralization
Apolipoprotein E Mediates Evasion From Hepatitis C Virus Neutralizing Antibodies
Mutations that alter use of hepatitis C virus cell entry factors mediate escape from neutralizing antibodies

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