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Mechanochemical degradation of poly(vinyl fluoride) by sodium hydroxide measured by microindentation
Impact of soil moisture on the long-term energy performance of an earth-air heat exchanger system
Influence of rainfall events on the energy performance of an earth-air heat exchanger embedded in a multilayered soil
Scratching of a coated polymer and mechanical analysis of a scratch resistance solution
Geometrical roughness analysis of cement paste surfaces using coherence scanning interferometry and confocal microscopy
 Caractérisation d’un revêtement de coffrage. Influence sur la qualité du parement en béton
Failure Process of Recycled Concrete Aggregate Mortars Based on Digital Image Correlation
Caractérisation multiéchelle morphologique et chimique des surfaces cimentaires hydratées à 24 heures
Use of recycled aggregates of concrete in total replacement of natural materials : Influence on the determination of concrete formulation parameters
Influence of coating soil types on the energy of earth-air heat exchanger
Influence of Recycled Concrete Aggregate Content on the rebar-concrete Bond properties through Pull-Out Tests and Acoustic Emission Measurements
Multi-scale roughness measurement of cementitious materials using different optical profilers and window resizing analysis
A first mechanical analysis of the contact mechanics of amorphous polymer surfaces using molecular dynamic simulations

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