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Desulfurisation of a cyclic peptide targeting Death Receptor 5: Conformational outcome and consequences on biological properties
Smart tools and orthogonal click-like reactions onto small unilamellar vesicles
Easy Derivatisation of Group 10 N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes and In Vitro Evaluation of an Anticancer Oestradiol Conjugate
Multimerization of an Apoptogenic TRAIL-Mimicking Peptide by Using Adamantane-Based Dendrons
Cysteine-rich domain one of CD40 mediates receptor self-assembly
Enhancing tumor specific immune responses by transcutaneous vaccination.
Thioether Analogues of Disulfide-Bridged Cyclic Peptides Targeting Death Receptor 5: Conformational Analysis, Dimerisation and Consequences for Receptor Activation
Biodistribution of x-ray iodinated contrast agent in nano-emulsions is controlled by the chemical nature of the oily core
Antidepressants suppress neuropathic pain by a peripheral beta 2-adrenoceptor mediated anti-TNF alpha mechanism

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