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5′ and 3′ modifications controlling RNA degradation: from safeguards to executioners
Respective Contributions of URT1 and HESO1 to the Uridylation of 5′ Fragments Produced From RISC-Cleaved mRNAs
Fate of a Larch Unedited tRNA Precursor Expressed in Potato Mitochondria
RNA uridylation: a key post-transcriptional modification shaping the coding and non-coding transcriptome
RNA degradation by the plant RNA exosome involves both phosphorolytic and hydrolytic activities
Uridylation Earmarks mRNAs for Degradation… and More
The UPF1 interactome reveals interaction networks between RNA degradation and translation repression factors in Arabidopsis
SERRATE interacts with the nuclear exosome targeting (NEXT) complex to degrade primary miRNA precursors in Arabidopsis
RNA uridylation and decay in plants
The zinc-finger protein SOP1 is required for a subset of the nuclear exosome functions in Arabidopsis.
Uridylation and PABP cooperate to repair mRNA deadenylated ends in Arabidopsis.
High-Resolution Mapping of 3' Extremities of RNA Exosome Substrates by 3' RACE-Seq.
RST1 and RIPR connect the cytosolic RNA exosome to the Ski complex in Arabidopsis
The TUTase URT1 connects decapping activators and prevents the accumulation of excessively deadenylated mRNAs to avoid siRNA biogenesis

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