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Effects of Fibronectin Coating on Bacterial and Osteoblast Progenitor Cells Adherence in a Co-culture Assay
2D and 3D organic-inorganic biomaterial processing by innovative laser technologies
New strategies for immobilization of vegetal adhesion protein
New strategies of fibronectin grafting onto polystyrene supports
Removal of surface by-products from sintered hydroxyapatite: Effect of a chelation treatment on fibronectin adsorption and cell adhesion
Influence of hydroxyapatite microstructure on human bone cell response
Novel strategy for material bio-functionalization based on glycan-grafting
Biomolecules organization at the molecular scale and its impact on bacteria growth and cell recognition
Real-Time Imaging of Bacteria/Osteoblast Dynamic Coculture on Bone Implant Material in an in Vitro Postoperative Contamination Model
Inorganic-Organic Thin Implant Coatings Deposited by Lasers
Fibronectin substitute derived from plants and functionalisation of biomaterials

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