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pi-Conjugated Dithienophosphole Derivatives as High Performance Photoinitiators for 3D Printing Resins
3-Hydroxyflavone and N-Phenylglycine in High Performance Photoinitiating Systems for 3D Printing and Photocomposites Synthesis
Charge Transfer Complexes as Dual Thermal and Photochemical Polymerization Initiators for 3D Printing and Composites Synthesis
Peroxide-Free and Amine-Free Redox Free Radical Polymerization: Metal Acetylacetonates/Stable Carbonyl Compounds for Highly Efficient Synthesis of Composites
Copper-Based (Photo)redox Initiating Systems Systems for Interpenetrating Polymer Network as Highly Efficient Preparation
Ferrocene-based (photo)redox polymerization under long wavelengths
Iodinated Polystyrene for Polymeric Charge Transfer Complexes: Toward High-Performance Near-UV and Visible Light Macrophotoinitiators

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