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Current data on the globular cluster Palomar 14 are consistent with MOND
Dynamical measurement of the stellar surface density of face-on galaxies
Remarks on the properties of elliptical galaxies in modified Newtonian dynamics
Mass models from high-resolution H i data of the dwarf galaxy NGC 1560
N-body simulations of the Carina dSph in MOND
Isolated and non-isolated dwarfs in terms of modified Newtonian dynamics
Polar ring galaxies as tests of gravity
Modified Baryonic Dynamics: two-component cosmological simulations with light sterile neutrinos
Mass models of disc galaxies from the DiskMass Survey in modified Newtonian dynamics
A QUMOND galactic N-body code - I. Poisson solver and rotation curve fitting
Chemically tagging the Hyades stream: does it partly originate from the Hyades cluster?★

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