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Unusual aortic collapse in acute mesenteric ischemia.
Current aortic endografts for the treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysms.
Another Vision of the Comprehension of the Phenomena of Proximal Anchoring of Thoracic Stentgrafts
A semi-automated image segmentation approach for computational fluid dynamics studies of aortic dissection.
Treatment of aneurysmal aberrant right subclavian artery with triple-barrel stent graft.
Systematic cervical approach for endovascular treatment of thoracic aortic diseases with debranching.
Evaluation of the compliance of prostheses in a pulsated flow
Associated Da Vinci and magellan robotic systems for successful treatment of nutcracker syndrome.
Aortitis and aortic occlusion in Crohn disease.
Evaluation of Nitinol Stents Using a 3-Dimensional Printed Superficial Femoral Artery Model: A Preliminary Study.
Arterial thrombosis after using Angio-Seal.
Midterm failure after endovascular treatment of a persistent sciatic artery aneurysm.
Stent Evolution for Peripheral Arterial Disease
Vascular access complications in endovascular procedures with large sheaths.
Cystic adventitial pathology as an entity in peripheral arterial disease.
Properties and challenges in materials used as vascular and endovascular devices

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