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Analyse du ventricule droit par l’IRM
PET/CMR One More Step Toward Noninvasive Morphofunctional Diagnosis of Cardiac Malignancies
A dual flip angle 3D bSSFP magnetization transfer-like method to differentiate between recent and old myocardial infarction.
Calcification myocardique : apport de l’imagerie multimodale : à propos d’un cas
Longitudinal 2D strain can help diagnose coronary artery disease in patients with suspected non-ST-elevation acute coronary syndrome but apparent normal global and segmental systolic function
Characterization of an intra-cardiac melanoma metastasis by magnetic resonance T1 and T2 mapping
Cardiac metastasis from medullary thyroid carcinoma: insights from multimodal molecular imaging and magnetic resonance imaging
Idiopathic myocardial calcification: Insights from multimodality imaging.
Acute Myocarditis Diagnosed by Layer-Specific 2D Longitudinal Speckle Tracking Analysis
Classification of Cardiomyopathies from MR Cine Images Using Convolutional Neural Network with Transfer Learning
Magnetic Resonance Evaluation of Cardiac Thrombi and Masses by T1 and T2 Mapping
Multimodality Diagnosis Approach of Cardiac Aspergillosis
T1 mapping cardiac magnetic resonance imaging frequently detects subclinical diffuse myocardial fibrosis in systemic sclerosis patients.
Acute Myocarditis Diagnosed by Layer-Specific 2D Longitudinal Speckle Tracking Analysis.
Magnetic resonance evaluation of cardiac thrombi and masses by T1 and T2 mapping: an observational study

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