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À la recherche d’un conservateur idéal : la nature versus les molécules de synthèse ? Le point de vue du chimiste
Mechanistic studies on the reactivity of sensitizing allylic hydroperoxides: investigation of the covalent modification of amino acids by carbon-radical intermediates
Sensitization potential and potency of terpene hydroperoxides in the COCAT method
Potential of EPR spin-trapping to investigate in situ free radicals generation from skin allergens in reconstructed human epidermis: cumene hydroperoxide as proof of concept
In situ chemical behaviour of methylisothiazolinone (MI) and methylchloroisothiazolinone (MCI) in reconstructed human epidermis: a new approach to the cross-reactivity issue
Understanding the skin sensitization capacity of ascaridole: a combined study of chemical reactivity and activation of the innate immune system (dendritic cells) in the epidermal environment
Editor’s Highlight: Fragrance Allergens Linalool and Limonene Allylic Hydroperoxides in Skin Allergy: Mechanisms of Action Focusing on Transcription Factor Nrf2
Isothiazolinones are still widely used in paints purchased in five European countries: a follow-up study

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