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Towards a time monitoring of the chalk aquifer (beauvais, north of France) using the magnetic resonance soundings
Airborne and land-based controlled-source electromagnetic surveying in challenging electromagnetic environments
Correction to
Special section nuclear magnetic resonance for near-surface applications - introduction
Application of magnetic resonance soundings and ERT measurement to characterize the transition between sediment and crys
How do the geological and geophysical signatures of permeable fractures in granitic basement evolve after long periods of natural circulation?
How do secondary minerals in granite help distinguish paleo- From present-day permeable fracture zones?
Magnetic resonance in fractured granite aquifer - Surface and borehole measurements in the Strengbach Catchment, France
Advances on electro-magnetic imaging for de-risking enhanced geothermal systems prospects
Magnetic resonance sounding measurements as posterior information to condition hydrological model parameters: Application to a hard-rock headwater catchment
The strengbach catchment

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