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Hemodynamic forces can be accurately measured in vivo with optical tweezers
Transcriptional activation by the adenovirus larger E1a product is mediated by members of the cellular transcription factor ATF family which can directly associate with E1a.
Fluorescent Polymer Nanoparticles for Cell Barcoding In Vitro and In Vivo.
Using the Zebrafish Embryo to Dissect the Early Steps of the Metastasis Cascade
Seeing is believing - multi-scale spatio-temporal imaging towards in vivo cell biology
Endothelial cilia mediate low flow sensing during zebrafish vascular development
Nanocomposite Polymer Scaffolds Responding under External Stimuli for Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering Applications
Near infra-red light responsive carbon nanotubes@mesoporous silica for photothermia and drug delivery to cancer cells
Wrapped stellate silica nanocomposites as biocompatible luminescent nanoplatforms assessed in vivo
Integrity of lipid nanocarriers in bloodstream and tumor quantified by near-infrared ratiometric FRET imaging in living mice
An Arf6- and caveolae-dependent pathway links hemidesmosome remodeling and mechanoresponse
Drug-Sponge Lipid Nanocarrier for in Situ Cargo Loading and Release Using Dynamic Covalent Chemistry
Impairing flow-mediated endothelial remodeling reduces extravasation of tumor cells
Inhibition of PlexA1-mediated brain tumor growth and tumor-associated angiogenesis using a transmembrane domain targeting peptide
Fluorescent nanocarriers targeting VCAM-1 for early detection of senescent endothelial cells
Laminin alpha1 orchestrates VEGFA functions in the ecosystem of colorectal carcinoma
Studying the Fate of Tumor Extracellular Vesicles at High Spatiotemporal Resolution Using the Zebrafish Embryo
Ral GTPases promote breast cancer metastasis by controlling biogenesis and organ targeting of exosomes
Zika virus enhances monocyte adhesion and transmigration favoring viral dissemination to neural cells
Hemodynamic Forces Tune the Arrest, Adhesion, and Extravasation of Circulating Tumor Cells

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