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Novel Di- and Trinuclear Palladium Complexes Supported byN,N′‑Diphosphanyl NHC Ligands and N,N′‑Diphosphanylimidazolium Palladium, Gold, and Mixed-Metal Copper−Gold Complexes
Tritopic NHC Precursors: Unusual Nickel Reactivity and Ethylene Insertion into a C(sp3)-H Bond
Novel Di- and Trinuclear Palladium Complexes Supporte by N,N'-Diphosphanyl NHC Ligands and N,N′-Diphosphanylimidazolium Palladium, Gold, and Mixed-Metal Copper–Gold Complexes
Linear CuPd, CuPd, and AgPd Metal Chains Supported by Rigid ′-Diphosphanyl N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligands and Metallophilic Interactions
 Zwitterionic Cobalt Complexes with Bis(diphenylphosphino)( N -thioether)amine Assembling Ligands: Structural, EPR, Magnetic, and Computational Studies
π-Extended diketopyrrolopyrrole–porphyrin arrays: one- and two-photon photophysical investigations and theoretical studies
Pairing-up viologen cations and dications: a microscopic investigation of van der Waals interactions
A Highly Stable Organic Radical Cation

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