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Revised tight-binding second moment potential fir transition metal surfaces
Unified picture of d-band and core-level shifts in transition metal alloys
Surface induced superstructure transformation in L1(0)FePt by Monte Carlo simulations implemented with Analytic Bond-Order Potentials
IrPd nanoalloys: simulations, from surface segregation to local electronic properties
Ordering trends in transition metal alloys from tight-binding electronic structure calculations
Disentangling coordination and alloy effects in transition-metal nanoalloys from their electronic structure
Superstructure Transformation in High-Temperature Intermetallic Nanolayers: atomistic simulations
Electronic structure of CoPt based systems: from bulk to nanoalloys
Chemical ordering phenomena in nanostructured FePt: Monte Carlo simulations
Electronic structure of nanoalloys: a guide of useful concepts and tools
AuNi alloy monolayer films electrodeposited on Au(111): An in situ STM study
Structural, electronic and magnetic properties of ConPtM-n for M=13, 19, and 55, from first principles
Magnetism of CoPd self-organized alloy clusters on Au(111)
Interplay between interfacial and structural properties on the magnetism of self-organized core-shell Co/Pt supported nanodots
Thermodynamics versus kinetics in a morphology transition of nanoparticles
Effect of the chemical order on the electrocatalytic activity of model PtCo electrodes in the oxygen reduction reaction
Atomic-Scale Faceting in CoPt Nanoparticles Epitaxially Grown on NaCl

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