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Cdx2 controls the cadherin Mucdhl, an inhibitor of colony formlation and b-catenin activity in colon cancer cells
A new target of Cdx2, the protocadherin Mucdhl, inhibits colony formation and á-catenin activity in colon cancer cells
Mucdhl, un nouveau gène cible de Cdx2, inhibe la formation de colonies et l'activité de la b-caténine dans les cellules cancéreuses coliques
Cdx2 Controls Expression of the Protocadherin Mucdhl, an Inhibitor of Growth and beta-Catenin Activity in Colon Cancer Cells
Mucdhl, a target gene of the tumor suppressor Cdx2, inhibits colony formlation and b-catenin activity in colon cancer cells
Influence of preoperative life satisfaction on recovery and outcomes after colorectal cancer surgery - a prospective pilot study
Mode d'action et fonction de la cadhérine atypique Mucdhl, dans les cellules intestinales
Regulation of the HIF1 signaling pathway by organometallic compounds
Integrin alpha5beta1 plays a critical role in resistance to temozolomide by interfering with the p53 pathway in high-grade glioma
In vivo topoisomerase I inhibition attenuates the expression of hypoxia-inducible factor 1alpha target genes and decreases tumor angiogenesis
Involvement of the TGFbeta pathway in the regulation of alpha5 beta1 integrins by caveolin-1 in human glioblastoma
Histologic characteristics of non microsatellite-instable A colon adenomas correlate with distinct molecular patterns

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