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Documentation of historical building via virtual tour: the complex building of baths in Strasbourg
La documentation d’un bâtiment historique via une visite virtuelle : le bâtiment complexe des bains municipaux de Strasbourg
Numérisation 3D de la grotte ornée des Fraux (Dordogne) : apport à l’archéologie et à la cartographie du champ magnétique
Benefits of an accurate 3D Documentation in Understanding the Status of the Bronze Age Heritage Cave
Methodological developments in 3D scanning and modelling of archaeological french heritage site: the bronze age painted cave "Les Fraux", Dordogne (France)
Accuracy assessment of a canal-tunnel 3d model by comparing photogrammetry and laserscanning recording techniques
Evaluating a Static Multibeam Sonar Scanner for 3D Surveys in Confined Underwater Environments
Assessment of a static multibeam sonar scanner for 3D surveying in confined suqaquatic environments
Recording Approach of Heritage Sites Based on Merging Point Clouds from High Resolution Photogrammetry and Terrestrial Laser Scanning
An Image-Based Inspection System for Canal Tunnel Heritage
Devising a visuel inspection system for canal tunnels: preliminary studies
Devising a visual inspection system for canal tunnels : preliminary studies
Modélisation 3D d’arbre pour comprendre le climat urbain. Un projet multidisciplinaire ambitieux
A three years long fieldwork experiment to monitor the role of vegetation on the urban climante of the city of Strasbourg
Innovative methods for waterway inspection: an application to canal tunnels

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