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Viral factors and outcome of chronic hepatitis B revisited
Boceprevir and personalized medicine in hepatitis C virus infection
Hepatitis C virus vaccines--progress and perspectives
Loss of hepatitis B surface antigen in a real-life clinical cohort of patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection
Challenges for HCV vaccine development in HIV-HCV coinfection
Acute hepatitis C virus infection induces anti-host cell receptor antibodies with virus-neutralizing properties
Synergy of entry inhibitors with direct-acting antivirals uncovers novel combinations for prevention and treatment of hepatitis C
Hepatitis C virus cell-cell transmission and resistance to direct-acting antiviral agents
Exosome-mediated transmission of hepatitis C virus between human hepatoma Huh7.5 cells
Hepatitis C virus envelope glycoprotein signatures are associated with treatment failure and modulation of viral entry and neutralization
Apolipoprotein E Mediates Evasion From Hepatitis C Virus Neutralizing Antibodies
Mutations that alter use of hepatitis C virus cell entry factors mediate escape from neutralizing antibodies

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