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Spin-wave propagation and spin-polarized electron transport in single-crystal iron films
Epitaxy of MgO magnetic tunnel barriers on epitaxial graphene
Voltage-dependent magnetic phase transition in magneto-electric epitaxial Cr2O3 nanoclusters
Controlling the magnetic anisotropy in epitaxial Cr2O3 clusters by an electric field
Voltage-controlled inversion of tunnel magnetoresistance in epitaxial nickel/graphene/MgO/cobalt junctions
Evidence of a permanent electric polarisation in highly strained Cr2O3 clusters measured by a second harmonic generation technique
Influence of electric polarization on Coulomb blockade in a super-paraelectric clusters assembly
Distance Dependence of the Energy Transfer Rate from a Single Semiconductor Nanostructure to Graphene
Epitaxial ferromagnetic single clusters and smooth continuous layers on large area MgO/CVD graphene substrates
Size-induced enhanced magnetoelectric effect and multiferroicity in chromium oxide nanoclusters
Random barrier double-well model for resistive switching in tunnel barriers
Conductance Oscillations in a Graphene/Nanocluster Hybrid Material: Toward Large-Area Single-Electron Devices
Magnetic phase and magneto-resistive effects in vanadium oxide epitaxial nanoclusters
Optical Writing of Magnetic Properties by Remanent Photostriction
Localized states in advanced dielectrics from the vantage of spin- and symmetry-polarized tunnelling across MgO
Oxygen-vacancy driven tunnelling spintronics across MgO

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