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Novel fluorescent silica nanoparticle probe for Förster Resonance Energy Transfer
Adsorption of uremic toxins over dealuminated zeolites
Surfactant-modified MFI-type nanozeolites: Super-adsorbents for nitrate removal from contaminated water
Iodonium-polyoxometalate and thianthrenium-polyoxometalate as new one-component UV photoinitiators for radical and cationic polymerization
Specific cationic photoinitiators for near UV and visible LEDs: Iodonium versus ferrocenium structures
Surface energy modification of a Na-mordenite thin layer treated by an alkaline solution
Adsorption kinetics and equilibrium of phenol drifts on three zeolites
Design of new phenothiazine derivatives as visible light photoinitiators
Carbazole-based compounds as photoinitiators for free radical and cationic polymerization upon near visible light illumination

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