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Novel Carbazole Skeleton-Based Photoinitiators for LED Polymerization and LED Projector 3D Printing
Copper photoredox catalysts for polymerization upon near UV or visible light: structure/reactivity/efficiency relationships and use in LED projector 3D printing resins
3-Hydroxyflavone and N-Phenylglycine in High Performance Photoinitiating Systems for 3D Printing and Photocomposites Synthesis
Carbazole Derivatives with Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Property as Photoinitiators/Photoredox Catalysts for LED 3D Printing Technology
New pyridinium salts as versatile compounds for dye sensitized photopolymerization
Carbazole-based compounds as photoinitiators for free radical and cationic polymerization upon near visible light illumination
Photoinitiating systems of polymerization and in situ incorporation of metal nanoparticles into polymer matrices upon exposure to visible light: push-pull malonate and malononitrile based dyes

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