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RNA metabolism in plant mitochondria
A PPR protein in the PLS subfamily stabilizes the 5'-end of processed rpl16 mRNAs in maize chloroplasts
PPR336 is Associated with Polysomes in Plant Mitochondria
Arabidopsis mTERF9 protein promotes chloroplast ribosomal assembly and translation by establishing ribonucleoprotein interactions in vivo
A PPR protein involved in regulating nuclear genes encoding mitochondrial proteins?
An Arabidopsis Dual-Localized Pentatricopeptide Repeat Protein Interacts with Nuclear Proteins Involved in Gene Expression Regulation
Helical repeats modular proteins are major players for organelle gene expression
In vivo stabilization of endogenous chloroplast RNAs by customized artificial pentatricopeptide repeat proteins
The Arabidopsis mTERF‐repeat MDA1 protein plays a dual function in transcription and stabilization of specific chloroplast transcripts within the and operons

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