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ES-WSN: Energy Efficient by Switching between roles of nodes in WSNs
EQ-AODV: Energy and QoS supported AODV for better performance in WMSNs
Efficient medium access protocol for Internet of things applications
Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Performance: Interactions between Routing and Transport Protocols
Energy efficient in medical ad hoc sensors network by exploiting routing protocols
Incidence of the Improvement of the Interactions between MAC and Transport Protocols on MANET Performance
TCP Performance in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
A new approach for energy efficiency in MANET based on the OLSR protocol
A Cross Layer Solution for Better Interactions Between Routing and Transport Protocols in MANET
IA-TCP: Improving Acknowledgement Mechanism of TCP for better performance in MANET
Self-organizing technique for improving coverage in connected mobile objects networks
Network planning and designing
Incidences of the Improvement of the Interactions Between MAC and Routing Protocols on MANET Performance
Improving TCP Performance in MANET by Exploiting MAC Layer Algorithms
Smart and self-organised routing algorithm for efficient IoT communications in smart cities
Analyzing and Managing the Occupancy of Car Parking by exploiting Vision-based Urban Surveillance Networks
Mobile App for Self-Controlling Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Implementation and QoE Evaluation

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