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Erratum: Influence of molecular orientation on the multiple differential cross sections for the (e,2e) process on a water molecule [Phys. Rev. A 63, 052720 (2001)]
Positronium formation in collisions of fast positrons impacting on vapour water molecules
Comment on ‘Total and positronium formation cross sections for positron scattering from H2O and HCOOH’
Dynamics in electron-impact ionization of H2O
Charge Transfer and Evaporation in Low Energy Collisions of Metal Clusters and Fullerenes with Atomic Targets
Absolute charge transfer and fragmentation cross sections in He2+ +C60 collisions
Fragmentation induced by charge exchange in collisions of charged alkaline clusters with alkali atoms
              Absolute Charge Transfer and Fragmentation Cross Sections in                              Collisions

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