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A Calculus for (Meta)Models and Transformations
Surfing with Fun
Micro Languages for Systems
Functional and Efficient Query Interpreters: Principle, Application and Performances’ Comparison
A Functional Inference System for the Web
Algebra applied to the Multimodeling of Fire Protection Systems
Categorical Models for BigData
Consistent Ontologies Evolution Using Graph Grammars
Fire safety DSL based algebra
Approche formelle de fusion d'ontologies à l'aide des grammaires de graphes typés
Formalization and composition of languages for the modeling of fire safety systems
Algebraic graph transformations for merging ontologies
A Middleware for Control Applications
Algebraic graph transformations for formalizing ontology changes and evolving ontologies
Adaptation consistante d'ontologies à l'aide des grammaires de graphes
Model evolution leads by user interactions

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