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Building of a thermoresponsive cement
Quantification of high-power ultrasound induced damage on potato starch granules using light microscopy
Restricted diffusion of small probe particles in a laponite dispersion
CNRS School "Nanophysics for Health", 5-9 November 2012, Mittelwhir, France PREFACE
Viscoelastic Properties of Poly(vinyl alcohol) Hydrogels Having Permanent and Transient Cross-Links Studied by Microrheology, Classical Rheometry, and Dynamic Light Scattering
Complexation of DNA with ruthenium organometallic compounds: the high complexation ratio limit
Spectral properties of polypyridyl ruthenium complexes intercalated in DNA: theoretical insights into the surrounding effects of [Ru(dppz)(bpy)(2)](2+)
Stress propagation in a concentrated colloidal suspension under shear
Simulation of Latex Film Formation Using a Cell Model in Real Space: Vertical Drying
Pluronic and beta-cyclodextrin in water: from swollen micelles to self-assembled crystalline platelets
Dispersion and morphology of polypropylene nanocomposites: Characterization based on a compact and flexible optical sensor
Compact and flexible optical sensor designed for on-line monitoring
Imbibition Kinetics of Spherical Colloidal Aggregates
Scaling laws for the flow of generalized Newtonian suspensions
UV-vis absorption spectrum of a novel Ru(II) complex intercalated in DNA: [Ru(2,2 `-bipy)(dppz)(2,2 `-ArPy)](+)
Subcellular Localization and Transport Kinetics of Ruthenium Organometallic Anticancer Compounds in Living Cells: A Dose-Dependent Role for Amino Acid and Iron Transporters
Induction of caspase 8 and reactive oxygen species by ruthenium-derived anticancer compounds with improved water solubility and cytotoxicity

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