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Hybrid Textile for a Novel Heart Valve Prosthesis Design
Mechanical degradation of biological heart valve tissue induced by low diameter crimping : an early assessment
Transcatheter Fiber Heart Valve : Effect of Crimping on Material Performances
Heart Valve Leaflets fro Semi-Elastic Composite Fabric
Textile Heart Valve :First in-Vivo Experiment in the Aortic Position
Commentary on "Electrical potentials between stent-grafts made from different metals induce negligible corrosion'
Nitinol stent for percutenous heart valve implantation : material shape setting
Textile Heart Valve : Novel Shaping Process and Material Performances.
Textile Heart Valve Prosthesis from Fabric Design Criteria to Early in Vivo Performances
Textile Heart valve : First Implantation in Vivo
Fiber Heart valve prosthesis : Influence of the fabric construction parameters on the valve fatigue performances
Fibre Heart Valve prothesis : Early in vitro fatigue results
Reynold Shear Stress for Textile Prosthetic Heart Valves in Relation to Fabric Design
Transcatheter fiber heart valve: Effect of crimping on material performances.
A novel heart valve stent design : mechanical interaction with the aortic root
Evaluation of the compliance of prostheses in a pulsated flow
Relation between tensile tests and compliance in polyester textile vascular prostheses
Properties and challenges in materials used as vascular and endovascular devices
Stent Evolution for Peripheral Arterial Disease
Aging of retrieved gel breast implants : a comparison between two product generations

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