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Hybrid Textile for a Novel Heart Valve Prosthesis Design
Transcatheter Fiber Heart Valve : Effect of Crimping on Material Performances
Mechanical degradation of biological heart valve tissue induced by low diameter crimping : an early assessment
Textile Heart Valve :First in-Vivo Experiment in the Aortic Position
Heart Valve Leaflets fro Semi-Elastic Composite Fabric
Commentary on "Electrical potentials between stent-grafts made from different metals induce negligible corrosion'
Nitinol stent for percutenous heart valve implantation : material shape setting
Textile Heart Valve : Novel Shaping Process and Material Performances.
Textile Heart valve : First Implantation in Vivo
Fiber Heart valve prosthesis : Influence of the fabric construction parameters on the valve fatigue performances
Textile Heart Valve Prosthesis from Fabric Design Criteria to Early in Vivo Performances
Fibre Heart Valve prothesis : Early in vitro fatigue results
Transcatheter fiber heart valve: Effect of crimping on material performances.
A novel heart valve stent design : mechanical interaction with the aortic root
Reynold Shear Stress for Textile Prosthetic Heart Valves in Relation to Fabric Design
Evaluation of the compliance of prostheses in a pulsated flow
Relation between tensile tests and compliance in polyester textile vascular prostheses
Stent Evolution for Peripheral Arterial Disease
Aging of retrieved gel breast implants : a comparison between two product generations
Properties and challenges in materials used as vascular and endovascular devices

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