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Viral transport and interaction with the host cytoskeleton
Movement of viruses in plants
Methods in Molecular Biology : RNA tagging
Perception of double-stranded RNA in plant antiviral immunity.
In vivo RNA visualization in plants using MS2 tagging
The roles of membranes and associated cytoskeleton in plant virus replication and cell-to-cell movement
Visualization of transiently expressed mRNA in plants using MS2
Double-stranded RNAs induce a pattern-triggered immune signaling pathway in plants
Synthetic biology approach for plant protection using dsRNA
A novel block of plant virus movement genes
CMV1 is a gate for Cucumber mosaic virus transport from bundle sheath cells to phloem in melon
Crosstalk between PTGS and TGS pathways in natural antiviral immunity and disease recovery
Fluorescent Tobacco mosaic virus-derived bio-nanoparticles for intravital two-photon imaging
Functionalized Tobacco Mosaic Virus Coat Protein Monomers and Oligomers as Nanocarriers for Anti-Cancer Peptides

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