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Methods in Molecular Biology : RNA tagging
Movement of viruses in plants
Viral transport and interaction with the host cytoskeleton
Perception of double-stranded RNA in plant antiviral immunity.
The roles of membranes and associated cytoskeleton in plant virus replication and cell-to-cell movement
In vivo RNA visualization in plants using MS2 tagging
Visualization of transiently expressed mRNA in plants using MS2
Double-stranded RNAs induce a pattern-triggered immune signaling pathway in plants
Synthetic biology approach for plant protection using dsRNA
A novel block of plant virus movement genes
Crosstalk between PTGS and TGS pathways in natural antiviral immunity and disease recovery
CMV1 is a gate for Cucumber mosaic virus transport from bundle sheath cells to phloem in melon
Functionalized Tobacco Mosaic Virus Coat Protein Monomers and Oligomers as Nanocarriers for Anti-Cancer Peptides

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