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Erratum: Influence of molecular orientation on the multiple differential cross sections for the (e,2e) process on a water molecule [Phys. Rev. A 63, 052720 (2001)]
Scaling law for total electron-impact ionization cross sections of Li-like ions
Surface Plasmon Dynamics of Simple Metal Clusters Excited with Femtosecond Optical Pulses
Vlasov simulations of ultrafast electron dynamics and transport in thin metal films
Finite-size and nonlinear effects on the ultrafast electron transport in thin metal films
Statistical fragmentation of small neutral carbon clusters
Ultrafast dynamics in ferrimagnetic materials with a quantum Monte Carlo atomistic model
Coherent spin-light-induced mechanisms in the semirelativistic limit of the self-consistent Dirac-Maxwell equations
Dynamics in electron-impact ionization of H2O
Resonant antihydrogen formation in antiproton–positronium collisions
Bose–Einstein condensation of positronium: modification of the s-wave scattering length below to the critical temperature
Charge Transfer and Evaporation in Low Energy Collisions of Metal Clusters and Fullerenes with Atomic Targets
Triple differential cross sections for the ionization of formic acid by electron impact
Fragmentation of Highly Excited Small Neutral Carbon Clusters

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