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Discontinuous low-velocity zones in southern Tibet question the viability of the channel flow model
New gravity data and 3-D density model constraints on the Ivrea Geophysical Body (Western Alps)
Joint Seismic and Gravity Data Inversion to Image Intra-Crustal Structures: The Ivrea Geophysical Body Along the Val Sesia Profile (Piedmont, Italy)
Imaging the Moho and the Main Himalayan Thrust in Western Nepal With Receiver Functions
The 2015 Gorkha earthquake: A large event illuminating the Main Himalayan Thrust fault
Spatial relation of surface faults and crustal seismicity: a first comparison in the region of Switzerland
Underplating in the Himalaya-Tibet Collision Zone Revealed by the Hi-CLIMB Experiment
Global quieting of high-frequency seismic noise due to COVID-19 pandemic lockdown measures

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