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Why and how to find neutraligands targeting chemokines?
Identification of Nonpeptide Oxytocin Receptor Ligands by Receptor-Ligand Fingerprint Similarity Search
A novel, conformation‐specific allosteric inhibitor of the tachykinin NK2 receptor (NK2R) with functionally selective properties
Fluorescent Derivatives of AC-42 To Probe Bitopic Orthosteric/Allosteric Binding Mechanisms on Muscarinic M1 Receptors
Identification and pharmacological properties of E339–3D6, the first nonpeptidic apelin receptor agonist
Neutralization of CXCL12 attenuates established pulmonary hypertension in rats
Discovery of a Locally and Orally Active CXCL12 Neutraligand (LIT-927) with Anti-inflammatory Effect in a Murine Model of Allergic Airway Hypereosinophilia
              Time-Resolved FRET Binding Assay to Investigate Hetero-Oligomer Binding Properties: Proof of Concept with Dopamine D                              /D                              Heterodimer

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