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Véhicule autonome et communication inter-véhicule
A Novel Scheme for a Fast Channel Change in Multicast IPTV System
Analysis of Ber-based On-demand Link State Routing Protocols Under Realistic Conditions
A Semi-Deterministic Channel Model for VANETs Simulations
A survey of V2V channel modeling for VANET simulations
 A new strategy for the selection of communication technologies in VANETs with fully controllable vehicles
An investigation of the bits corruption in the IEEE 802.11p
Impact of Realistic Simulation on the Evaluation of Mobile Ad Hoc Routing Protocols
Un algorithme prédictif d'état de lien pour les réseaux ad hoc véhiculaires
A novel predictive link state indicator for ad-hoc networks
A belief function-based forecasting link breakage indicator for VANETs

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