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 Heterometallic coordination polymers based on homo- and heteroleptic Au( iii ) dithiolene complexes
Luminescent Coordination Polymers Based on Self-Assembled Cadmium Dipyrrin Complexes
AzaBODIPY based coordination polymers
 On Zn( ii ) 2,2′-bisdipyrrin circular helicates
 Rigid yet flexible heteroleptic Co( iii ) dipyrrin complexes for the construction of heterometallic 1- and 2-D coordination polymers
A Silver Bite: Crystalline Heterometallic Architectures Based on Ag-π Interactions with a Bis-Dipyrrin Zinc Helicate
From Sequential to One-Pot Synthesis of Dipyrrin Based Grid-Type Mixed Metal–Organic Frameworks
Stepwise construction of grid-type Cu(ii)–Cd(ii) heterometallic MOFs based on an imidazole-appended dipyrrin ligand
Phase transition of a perovskite strongly coupled to the vacuum field

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