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Contribution to TRIZ in Combining Lean and Inventive Design Method
A Method to Formulate Problem in Initial Analysis of Inventive Design
State of the Art for Evaluation of Inventive Design Solution Concepts
Une démarche d'optimisation de systèmes mécatroniques en phase de conception à partir de l'optimisation multidisciplinaire et du retour d'expériences _9ème Conférence internationale CPI’2013 (21/10/2013 au 23/10/2013 : Tlemcen, Algérie)
Convergence and Contradiction Between Lean and Industry 4.0 for Inventive Design of Smart Production Systems
A novel design approach for mechatronic systems based on multidisciplinary design optimization
Product manual elaboration in product design phases: Behavioral and functional analysis based on user experience
Lean System Design Framework based on Lean functionalities and criteria integration in production machines design phase
Macro process of knowledge management for continuous innovation
Application of an FMEA based method to prioritize the initial problem choices in Inventive Design
IPG as a new method to improve the agility of the initial analysis of the inventive design
An Optimization-Based Embodiment Design Approach for Mechatronic Product Development
Integrating User Information into Design Process to Solve Contradictions in Product Usage
A Behavioural Design Approach to Improving Engineering Design
Generating a user manual in the early design phase to guide the design activities

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