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Artificial Light-Harvesting Arrays: Electronic Energy Migration and Trapping on a Sphere and between Spheres
Molecular Motion Inside an Adsorbed [5:1] Fullerene Hexaadduct Observed by Ultrafast Cyclic Voltammetry
The Inhibition of Liposaccharide Heptosyltransferase WaaC with Multivalent Glycosylated Fullerenes: A New Mode of Glycosyltransferase Inhibition
A Supramolecular Photosynthetic Model Made of a Multiporphyrinic Array Constructed around a C60 Core and a C60-Imidazole Derivative
The functional valency of dodecamannosylated fullerenes with Escherichia coli FimH - towards novel bacterial antiadhesives
A soluble hybrid material combining carbon nanohorns and C60
Synthesis of Dodecavalent Fullerene-Based Glycoclusters and Evaluation of Their Binding Properties towards a Bacterial Lectin
Self-organisation of dodeca-dendronized fullerene into supramolecular discs and helical columns containing a nanowire-like core
Photo-induced energy transfer in a Th-symmetrical hexakis-adduct of C60 substituted with π-conjugated oligomers
Photoinduced electron transfer in a clicked fullerene-porphyrin conjugate
Gene delivery with polycationic fullerene hexakis-adducts

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