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Structural, optical, and magnetic properties of polycrystalline Co-doped TiO2 synthesized by solid-state method
Films of Tunable ZnO Nanostructures Prepared by a Surfactant-Mediated Soft Synthesis Route
Magnetic Properties of Mono- and Multilayer Assemblies of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Promoted by SAMs
Nickel hydroxide ultrathin nanosheets as building blocks for electrochemically active layers
Hexahistidine-Tagged Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (His6-tagSWNTs): A Multifunctional Hard Template for Hierarchical Directed Self-Assembly and Nanocomposite Construction
Two dimensional dipolar coupling in monolayers of silver and gold nanoparticles on a dielectric substrate
Optical and structural properties of Nd doped SnO2 powder fabricated by the sol-gel method
A single-stage functionalization and exfoliation method for the production of graphene in water: stepwise construction of 2D-nanostructured composites with iron oxide nanoparticles
Mimicking the Chemistry of Natural Eumelanin Synthesis: The KE Sequence in Polypeptides and in Proteins Allows for a Specific Control of Nanosized Functional Polydopamine Formation

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